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Seriously, that adhesive was amazing

I had a Very Seattle dog walk yesterday.

We were in a part of the neighborhood where most yards are behind a retaining wall a few feet above street level. Leela had sighted a squirrel on the wall, and i was letting her run back and forth at the end of the leash (it's very efficient exercise - i act as a fulcrum, the dog rapidly multiplies distance traveled). Somewhere in there i put a foot wrong and went sprawling, took the skin off of the heel of my left hand, and terrified the dog.

  1. squirrel on retaining wall

  2. heaved and broken sidewalk with secret patch of slick mud hidden by drifted leaves

  3. capable team of passerby who lifted me up, produced water to wash my wounds, took control of the dog and soothed her, then busted out their large first aid kit and disinfected and bandaged my hand.


The rest of the walk passed without incident and when i got home to do a thorough clean and trim off dangly skin, i was sad that i had to take off bandages that were way nicer than the ones i had at home.

i'll take it

i found out i had a couple more days of PTO left than i thought...just in time to break a tooth. so i took Wednesday off, but it included a dentist appointment, and there will be more dentistry in the coming week. feeling glad for magical spare time off and my pleasant dentist and the fact that i'm not currently in pain and could eat my Thanksgiving dinner just fine.

we had a nice afternoon/evening yesterday with friends, wherein we ate too much food and watched a bunch of Thanksgiving tv (Buffy, Friends, How I Met Your Mother) and Leela was a good girl the entire time. she basically had a dozen people worshipping her, and she loved it. (she would have loved it more if we didn't have to ride in a car. she doesn't get sick, but it takes coaxing to get her in, and she shakes a bit.)

every day with Leela is pretty much amazing. i'm still dealing with the fact that she isn't Molly, but it's a good pain. she is learning so fast: dropping the ball to get us to throw it again, how to jump on the bed, sitting inside the elevator, coming when her name is called. she will merrily nose a treat-dispensing ball all over the apartment.

she isn't a perfect angel: we've been keeping chewables out of her reach since she has already nommed my bootlaces and the carpet fringe, and she hasn't been left alone for more than five or ten minutes yet. i'm positive that we can't leave the garbage bag sitting in the kitchen before we take it out like we used to with Molly :D

she adores other dogs and they seem to like her too, but this means that she wants to greet every dog she sees, even if they are across the street or in the middle of pooping. she hunts rats and squirrels, but doesn't seem to have figured out that squirrels escape upward. we had to get a safety light for her harness since she's nearly invisible at night.

we start a training class in December. Leela has a natural "shake" and i'm pretty sure we'll be able to get a "high five" too. those will probably be easier than "down" and "stay" and "leave it".


I welcome our new pickle overlords

End the cruel tyrany of cucumbers.

Behold, pickle cat!


What is best in life?

buhrger asked me five questions. if you would like me to ask you five questions, request them in a comment, then post with the same offer so that the best meme may roll on.

1.if ten-years-ago you saw your current level of engagement with Sounders FC/MLS, how surprised would she have been? (asking because ten-years-ago me would have been a little surprised.)

i think she would be more shocked that i could afford to be a season ticket holder than anything else. but perhaps sad that i couldn't escape sports - in 2005 i didn't have to know anything or pretend to care about any sports. the only time i saw any game of any kind was southplains's annual Super Bowl party.

but there's also a certain inevitablilty. my family has always watched sports. while i never was thoroughly passionate about any of them, i always liked the in-stadium experience of football and basketball (and to a lesser extent, baseball).* my brothers played football when they were in highschool (and i was a charming toddler). my family had Penn State football tickets. i was in marching band, which meant that i was at all the football games when i was in high school. i always loved the crowd dynamic and anything involving singing or call and response.

there is part of me that is hardwired to love night games in crisp cool weather. the boiling hot summer day games? 2015 me is still surprised that i can stand that.

2.do you have a memory of first realizing that you are a dog person? or has it always been part of you?

no. there have always been dogs, or an aching hole where the dog should be.

i have no memory of learning to love dogs. (my father had a well-trained black Lab when he married mom. so when i was born, Buck was already there.) i have memories of being told to be more careful, that not every strange dog is my friend. i also remember a time when mom suggested that i give the dog some of the cookie i was eating: i held it out and let the dog take a bite, then i finished it. no dog ever bit me (other than puppy nips) or chased me or gave me a bad experience (other than dying in my presence). in this i'm pretty lucky since i accidentally mostly did things right - i only really started researching the science of dog body language and behavior when we were ramping up to adopting Molly.

3.if, for reasons of notional security, you were required to move out of ballard to some place on the east side (the horrors!) where would you go? money is no object. notional security, yunno.

security? like, i'm building a fortress? The Snoqualmie Tunnel as a starter tunnel for my hollow mountain fortress. it has two defensible access points and a lovely view. (hey, we should do that hike some August.)

4.regarding star wars the force awakens, where do you fall on the spectrum from "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" to "it better not suck"? (to, i suppose, "i'm not even going to bother")

i fall solidly in "i've been hurt before". C and i occasionally say "hey, we should buy tickets for that sometime" and then we fail to go order them. i have avoided most spoiler chatter and i suppose i will need to see it before Christmas if i want to visit the internet. Pirates A and E are passionate about it and we *are* playing the Star Wars RPG right now, so it's more of a social obligation than an actual desire at this point. i don't need more Star Wars at all, but it would be nice for it to be good.

5.while we both read charlie stross, we seem to prefer different books of his. which are your favourites, and which are your least favourites?

favorites are the Laundry books, but i think they're most successful as shorter stories. so i love The Atrocity Archives, and the short about working over Christmas, and the short with the unicorns.

i adored the start of the Merchant books, but for me they fell off the rails when <redacted /> died and i think i gave it one book after that and then walked away.

i liked Singularity Sky.

thought the ones with the crime in the MMORPG were already dated when they were published and terribly twee. "Web 3.14" *rolls eyes*

loathed Accelerando. the reviews were so good, and then it turned out to be a collection of short stories that i didn't like when i read them the first time in their magazine publication. (i was really into reading short fiction magazines at the right time.)

*hockey was something i watched on tv sometimes. i think Penn State had an ice rink? i know i tried ice skating indoors approximately once somewhere and my ankles were too weak to function. i actually had an Edmonton sweatshirt at one point - it was in a bargain bin and i loved the colors. i had a passing interest in the Pittsburgh Penguins, who were very very good when i was in high school - i loved the mouth-feel of saying Jaromir Jagr (for the uninitiated, it sounds like yommer yagger. yommer yagger yommer yagger yommer yagger!)

kicking it old school

mimerki posted a meme wherein they were asked to write about six of their userpics. If you comment "Meme Me" I will pick six of your userpics that you can then write about, thus maintaining meme balance in the LJ-verse. Feel free to propagate or not, ask people to ask you for six userpics, as you like.

knitting, yarncore

this is my knitting/yarn icon. knitting has always been a part of my life: my mother's primary hobbies are knitting and playing the piano. i learned to knit as a teen, got bored, and didn't get hooked again until i needed something soothing to do while dad was being treated for cancer. i do it because it is boring. i do it because i am always jittering. i do it because i need to always be making things and knitting is infinitely portable and forgiving of mistakes.

the icon itself came from some Diesel Sweeties swag that is long discontinued (alas, before i was knitting again) but i never forgot the design. i love the color and the lines, and the design actually was called "yarncore".

emo, h8

i don't think i've used this one much, but only because i found it after i had done most of my being emo on LJ. but hey, remember when people were miserable on LJ? i have it because there are times when i have to be emo on LJ. but i am often fully aware that i'm being emo on LJ and need to poke at myself and comment on it. (hence angry loser Anakin.) these days i tend to check myself before i write some screed of misery; i'm not sure that dwelling helps. OTOH, if that's what it takes to keep me posting, i should dwell more.

midas conflict

this was my icon for former Pirate A's Saga Edition Star Wars game, The Midas Conflict. sometimes i still use it when i'm talking about Star Wars, or when Leia feels appropriate for some reason. that was a fun game. (one of our famous stories was using destiny points in succession to obliterate an NPC who was designed to be a recurring villain. we also brought down a star destroyer.) as i think about it, that was really the first run of my Friday night gaming group. i think LJ is telling me we've been together for about 8 years. it so happens we're playing the current version of Star Wars rules right now. i should write about that; i was turned off by the specialty dice when the game first showed up at PAX, but the system has really grown on me. (i'm looking forward to a one-off extra-long all-Jedi all-combat session on Black Friday.) so much life stuff has happened in that time: jobs, school, marriages, divorce...


i love the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial. it could be my favorite thing from Serenity. the idea that eating them could make you "bust out of your blouse" delights my inner 12-year-old. sometimes this icon is about surprise or absurdity. sometimes, it's about bewbs.


this was a thing for a while, doing fandom mashups. this one tickled me to no end. the words are a reference to the Firefly episode Jaynestown, where Jayne is surprised to discover he is a folk hero with a statue in his name. it so happens that was also a thing in a Doctor Who serial, The Face of Evil. sometimes this is my "no shit, there i was" icon. sometimes it just amuses me. sometimes i want to use my Doctor and my favorite companion.

reader boys

original comic. this is my "talking about books" icon, which also encapsulates my love for readers and my disdain for people who don't read. i understand going through spates of not-reading. but if you say "i don't read" you're going to have to work pretty hard to convince me you shouldn't be ground up for food.

Nov. 15th, 2015

Yesterday was a a good day. Morning: Knitfit. Afternoon: Dog & a nice second lunch. Evening: silly movie and snuggles.

I bombed through the marketplace at 8:30 and got everything on my list, plus one little treat for mimerki. I even got to nerd out over SIFF with Ilga and Mike from Edgewood Gardens.

my class was on on ergonomics for knitters. Great stuff. Alas, the big takeaway is that knitting requires us to do some bad things. The best way i can help is to not harm myself while using the computer. (And sit well. I need a better chair.)

C picked me up outside and I snarfed down a bag of Dick's as we drove to Kent. this rescue partners with a kennel there. The lady at the kennel was great.* We got to take the dog for a walk, play a bit, and do a greet with another dog. Everything went well. She's energetic but gentle, not fearful, and interested in people. She's beautiful. Smaller than our ideal**, for sure. But not too small. she feels like a plush toy. (If Molly was a Gund, this one is more of a Steiff.) Her dog-dog socialization is actually pretty great. We said yes and we're prepping the house. It isn't real until we get possession, but it's the closest we've been. I floated through the rest of the afternoon.

we had some extra time left on the car, so we went to Chinook's and got second lunch (first for C) and hot drinks and watched the rain fall on the fishing fleet.

later we collapsed on the couch and watched Jupiter Ascending. there was so much cool shit there packed into too little time with no character development and unbalanced exposition. Imagine if the entirety of The Matrix was smooshed into the first 40 minutes of a 2 hour film containing all of the content from the trilogy - but without shortening any action sequences. it could have been a really fun space opera book.

As it was? My inner 10 year old thinks the flying werewolf space boyfriend is cool, but she would have stopped cleaning toilets.

*being backstage at the kennel made me sad. shelters in Western Washington are either cheerful and shiny or kind of clinical. this was scruffier, older. kind of the difference between a community center and in-home daycare.

** she's from Korea - rejected by a meat rancher because her carcass would be too small. she looks like an oversized Shiba Inu.

Things that are making me happy this week

the movie adaptation of The Martian is pretty darn good. i could pick some nits, but any movie that mentions Glorfindel gets points with me.

iZombie is on Netflix. knitta D thought i would like this one. i've watched a couple episodes, and so far it is very reminiscent of Veronica Mars, if Veronica was a zombie and her white ex-boyfriend with short brown hair seemed to have no character beyond "loves protagonist" (okay, i guess that *is* Duncan). might be the start of something good. trying to decide if i should look up the comics.

also on the potentially good media front, Agents of SHIELD is kickass so far. {{{Fitz-Simmons}}}

i am in a time warp where the new Rock Band is out and cleolinda is recapping the latest Twilight book.

i went out for breakfast with C this morning. getting to do that every so often is really good for me.


hope, no change

i feel like we have been looking for a dog FOREVER. however, eljay tells me that we've only been approved by the Aussie rescue for a month. (of course, we started looking before that, but still, it's not a tremendous amount of time in the scheme of things.)

Monday, they emailed us about a dog coming into the system. a female, younger than we intended, but C was willing to step up with training and make it work. we said YES.

i went off and researched developmental stages, and the class schedules for our dog school. i dithered over making any plans for the next couple weekends because i might need to be ready to travel for pickup or stay home and bond.

i've been alternately anxious and euphoric all week. all communication from me to C is punctuated with "dog". (i assume our chatlogs look like there's a badly programmed bot in there.)


today, the current owner is no longer so sure she wants to surrender.

i'm starting to get superstitious that i shouldn't tell anyone that we've got a prospect, since every time i tell someone, we fail.

OTOH, so far we fail every time, so there's no magic here. just failure.

right one will show up, blah blah blah. it still hurts.

at least i'm working from home today (Thanks, Obama) so i can burn some frustration by cleaning and doing this.

It was Eat an Apple Day

I bought eight kinds of apple yesterday. Three i had never heard of before.

This post brought to you by knitta D's apple obsession, and Yakima.

Sep. 13th, 2015

yesterday was one of the sweet fine days days on the edge of autumn - bright, warm, glorious. (okay, it could have been cooler. but it also didn't require sunglasses, so I'll take it.)

i got out of bed like it was a workday, and met up with mimerki, e_bourne, and knitta D to visit a fiber mill on Whidbey Island.

we got to ride in Adrian, and we practically drove right onto the ferry. we found a great spot for breakfast in Langley, with quirky decor and a thing for apples.

then we toured the mill, which is small but mighty. the equipment came from Oklahoma and Indiana; we are beneficiaries of the decline of the US textile industry. I came home with pin-drafted roving made from Washington wool, alpaca, and angora. its all so pretty and soft. We were amused that there are tufts of fiber all over the place, including the gravel driveway. they foisted apples on us from their trees, and gave us bottles of water, and there was much fiber nerdery.

after that, we hit Whidbey Island Distillery. the tour was very cool, with a bit of serendipity- we were there at the same time as the Metropolitan club. fun facts: their spirits are distilled from local wine and they get the wine in trade (half the distillate goes back to the wineries to make fortified wines) the still itself is computer controlled and the distiller can adjust it remotely from his phone.

then we tooled around Langley some more, where we saw these awesome sheep and goat portraits, and got ice cream. Then we had another lovely ferry ride. It was a truly superior day.

How fibres are spun

fell into a research hole after the game last night (Sounders won, it only rained during halftime, i had an excellent meat pie and an artisanal ding dong cake) trying to learn more about distaffs. a distaff is a thing that holds a supply of fiber while a spinner is working. it started with me reading about flax and led to this pretty cool educational video from British Pathé.*

how fibres are spun

*it is so much easier to type accents on a virtual keyboard


A Saturday morning

sometime this summer, a classical trumpeter moved into my building (or the one across the street). Their tone is excellent, so hearing them practice is quite pleasant, especially since it bears the sense-memory of waiting for the symphony or opera to begin.

i've been on the balcony with my spinning, enjoying the fine day and listening to an audiobook of The Letter of Marque. plus the aforementioned trumpet. and the occasional dog singing along.

it's more pleasant than you might think.

because self-examination is hard

this came up on my facebook feed:
Why are you so angry?

i don't normally sit down and watch a series of 6 videos on YouTube, but it was really helpful to me - not only in trying to understand a friend of a friend running at the mouth, but in understanding what happened with the Hugos. the segment about the two groups involved in gamergate and their relationship will sound hauntingly familiar. the guy says he's trying to talk to middle-class straight cis white dudes, but he also helps explain their crazypants behavior to me (without saying crazypants).

i am sad that it looks like the person who brought it to my attention deleted it, perhaps out of self-preservation.

i recommend the videos.

Australian Shepherd breed rescue home visit

home visit, passed. apparently she just chatted with C about dogs. no concerns about our living situation, willing to match us with an active dog. best thing: they have shelters that just call them when they have an Aussie come in. no racing the clock. apparently that's the secret handshake we were wishing for.

no, they do not have a perfect dog for us right now. but they will email us as they come in.

[hope intensifies]

dog update

we've started applying for breed rescues that were components of Molly. the Australian Shepherd folks have contacted our references and are conducting a home visit on Tuesday. i am trying to keep my excitement at a dull roar.

C is more particular than i am. i prefer a female, he doesn't want to consider males *at all*. he wants 2-4 years old, i'm willing to look at 1-5. he's the primary caregiver, so i need to suck it up.


I hate facebook, facebook is my duty

I loathe facebook, but I visit more than once a day. it makes me angry pretty much every time.
people i used to keep up with here are there. my brother and other family members are there.

i hate the design, the algorithm that destroys chronology and guesses what I want. lately, that seems to be memes and conflict. it makes me hate humanity, and the credulous strident progressives are just as bad as my racist cousins and the gamergaters.

it's my own fault.

I used to filter out shit i didn't want to see. i don't watch tv news, i don't listen to the radio very much. I get my national / world news from the Economist and a very carefully curated reddit account; the local from a fistful of blogs (since the Stanger jumped the shark).

but i know that means that i have protected myself completely from disagreement and othered people who don't share my worldview. so i read facebook to stay exposed. I've stopped muting posts. and after the Charleston shootings, i decided that i *do* have to engage. it's literally the least i can do. but that means that fb will feature shit that calls for correction, because then i click and comment more. slowly my entire comment history will consist of disagreement, corrections, and links to Wikipedia, Politifact, and Snopes.

i would invite more people here, but this journal has never been for my blood family. much of my old community here has shifted to fb. some social groups use fb as their primary method of contact - they don't email/chat/text at all. and for better or worse, the people i need around to keep me grounded in reality aren't erudite or engaged enough for long-form writing on a sometimes arcane platform.

I'm going to keep coming back and writing here as much as i can. the only thing holding me back is the shit mobile app.

tl;dr facebook like getting allergy injections, i wish this local organic honey was more effective

Things that are making me happy this week

Work is feeling like less of a disaster.

while i still don't have a dog, the truth is that we were very busy this week and i was glad to be available. this coming week at work i'm running the store while two bosses are on vacation. the upcoming weekend has C at PAX, so again, not the best time for a new dog. this delay is okay. our first interactions with the least-crazy rescues have been okay. (and the one i thought was crazy is really definitely crazy.)

still in love with Marvel Unlimited. Currently reading She-Hulk. <3

knitta P plyed me with Bitch Planet. i don't like prison stories, but so far i am intrigued. and feeling even better about Emerald City ComicCon, who had "Non Compliant" shirts this year. hells yeah.

i went out every damn day this week. i ate great food and laughed and was surrounded by love and community. i have a wonderful family.

Friday night game was fun. we took over a city!

Hugo results are in, and the numbers show that the slate voters failed, AND that the rest of the voters still had their own diverse opinions. (frex, lots of people voted for Jim Butcher's book, lots of people voted for Guardians of the Galaxy, both from the puppy slates. this tells me that the No Award spite voters weren't an all-powerful bloc either. democracy wins.)

i started making strips of the fiber i dyed so that i can try a technique of blending color as i draft. I'll have time to spin today.


my Sounders have had a depressingly bad summer. it began with crashing out of the Open Cup in the most spectacular way possible. then the losing steak that went on and on until Sunday, when we welcomed Obafemi Martins back from the injury that took him off the field in an ambulance two months ago, and beat Orlando 4-0.
(he's as awesome as his goal celebration suggests he is.)

so i felt pretty optimistic about tonight's game vs a Honduran team, CD Olympia. then i saw the lineup of second and third string players. (eight games in the month of August, everyone needs some rest.) Sounders were still playing well, but they were a goal down at the half, and then Olympia started with the "gamesmanship" - timewasting, fake injuries, you name it. everything bad about the Central/South American game.

we tied, and then won the game in extra time. time that was added on because of their fuckery. the winning goal? a penalty.

It. Was. Glorious.

just like Brad Evans in a kilt, holding a puppy.


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